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Digital mobile phones use a microwave/radio frequency that pulses at 217 times per second and the home cordless telephone produces a high magnetic field. Some people complain of blurred vision or vague head pains (Dr B. Hoking Herald Sun 1997). The Phone Tag has been developed to fit on the outside of your phone, when fitted correctly in accordance with the instructions, this small devise may help alleviate some effects when the phone is in use. Studies at University Lueoek, Germany, measured biological effects can extend at least 2 to 3 metres from some phones antenna.

Please Note: Most mobile Smart phones such as the iPhone, and Android phones need 2 Phone Tags, one at the top of the phone as explained above and one at the base of the phone to cover the blue-tooth antenna.

Positioning Tesla’s Phone Tags to other SMART phones including iPhone

These are positioned on the back of the phones, under the cover if possible however if this is not possible, on the outside of the cover it will work equally as well. The usual position on these SMART phones is as below.

The iPhone’s are different due to the aerial being positioned round the edge of the phone and we attempt to place the Phone Tags as close to the edge of the phone as possible in the positions shown and always place with a straight edge of the Phone Tag parallel with the top and bottom of the phone.

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