Plush Organic Cotton - Pure and Natural

Size: 240 x300cm
Sale price$1,681.82


Certified organic cotton Plush pile rug.......2cm pile.

Being a handmade product, the carpet may not be 100% perfect in alignment on all four sides.

Freight is included at our $10 flat rate shipping cost. We offer a 10% discount for pick up in store.

To create a hand-tufted rug, the pattern is drawn onto a base cloth. One continuous piece of yarn in the desired color is then punched through the base cloth with a special tool that creates loops on the reverse side. The back of the rug is then coated with latex and fabric (usually cotton) to form the backing and lock the tufts into place. The loops can either be left or cut to make tufts—or create a pattern using both. Rugs are washed after being tufted and sheared to bring out the luster and softness of the fibers. These rugs then will go through many washings to bring out the luster and softness of the pile.

Introducing the world’s first certified organic area rugs……….

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