Organic Wool Sleeping Bag

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This is a new product we are custom making to order.

I have used the sleeping every night for almost a month straight now along with a canvas swag, and I am extremely happy with it, its helps to regulate the temperature, is super comfortable and wonderful for laying on top of when it gets a little warmer. I love the feel of it and it had plenty of room in it for tossing and turning during the night. The craftsmanship and material are of the highest quality and I never want to get out of it in the morning or use another sleeping bag ever again. I personally loved the sleeping bag and think it would be perfect for anyone looking to escape using synthetic claustrophobic sleeping bag. I would like to thank you and your team so much for making this sleeping bag for me as it is everything and more that I wanted in a sleeping bag. I love that it is organic wool, Australian made and that blessed earth is able to offer organic and Australia made quality homewares. I will definilty be ordering a lower GSM one for the coming summer months.

Kind regards Drew R

Please Note: We do not recommend you wash your Organic wool quilts. Regular airing in sunshine is a great way to freshen up and sanitise your quilt. If you need to wash your quilt due to spills, etc. please contact us first so we can advise you.

A note about scouring: Scouring is the process by which wool is cleaned. The conventional process is to "carbonise" it using sulphuric acid, which dissolves all vegetable matter that might be contained in the wool. Obviously, we refuse to use that process and as a consequence there may be occasional impurities in the wool. which can show through the cover. Similarly, the covers on all our wool bedding products are unbleached organic cotton. Consequently there can be the occasional slight mark on the product which would normally be bleached out in a conventional product. Please regard these as beauty spots - further evidence of the purity of the product you are buying.

This product is proudly made in Australia.

Please note that the width measurements are to the middle of the quilt. The ends of the quilt may initially be slightly wider until the end binding softens with movement and allows the wool to conform to the correct size. We make thousands of these quilts on a fixed frame. They do not vary at all. Every now and then we receive a complaint that the quilt is too big for the quilt cover - sometimes even the Blessed Earth quilt cover. If you wish to check your quilt size, try lying it flat on the floor without any stretching and measure from middle to middle. if the measurement is within a few centimetres that is acceptable as the quilts will shrink slightly. Shrinkage will occur especially at the ends, which may bunch slightly inside the cover while the binding softens. The most common finding though is that the cover has shrunk. Any returns for supposed over-sizing must be at the customer's expense.

For a full description of what's involved in your wool bedding product and how you can expect it to perform, please refer to the web page Organic Wool Bedding Information.

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