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7 piece Furi Pro Rubberwood and Teak block with Japanese Steel knives.

The knives feature the innovative Furi ‘reverse-wedge’ handle that locks into the hand for a more secure grip which helps reduce hand fatigue, a key issue for those doing a lot of cutting in the kitchen.

Furi knives are high performance tools designed for professional and home use. All blades are made with a high carbon Japanese stainless steel alloy for a knife that holds its edge for longer but is also easier to sharpen.

Included in the set is the Furi Diamond Fingers™, maintaining sharp knives is the secret of all good chefs as sharp knives mean performance. The Diamond Fingers™ Knife Sharpener creates new, straight and accurate cutting edges by honing the blade edge to the ideal 20 degree angle. For knives used regularly we recommend sharpening approximately once a week by swiping the knife blade through the Diamond Fingers 6 times.


1 x 9cm paring knife
1 x 15cm utility knife
1 x 15cm serrated multi purpose knife
1 x 17cm East/West Santoku knife
1 x 20cm break knife
1 x diamond fingers knife sharpener

· 25 year guarantee

· Hand wash knives in warm soapy water with the blade pointed away

· Dry thoroughly after washing

· Block can be cleaned with a damp cloth

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