It seems that with every passing generation we are increasingly losing connection with what is real and true. Our obsession with virtual reality is killing our innate connection with nature.

So many of us are being forced to get back to nature in order to address health imbalances, without understanding that nature cannot be reproduced by man-made materials.

The materials that we produce carry a different frequency than those occur naturally in nature. In fact, they are devoid of nature and have no life-enhancing ability.

At Blessed Earth we consciously avoid materials such as latex foam (which is derived from rubber); polyurethane foam (which is derived from oil) and bamboo fabric (which is either mechanically or chemically derived from bamboo trees).

The rubber, oil and bamboo trees are all naturally occurring, however they require major work in order to be usable - and carry no life force.

In an age where people have lost their connection with nature it is relatively easy to convince them that these products are good and natural. The truth is easily twisted and in all fairness, those who are twisting the truth are probably unaware that they are doing. Such is the state of humanity.

The processes by which these man-made materials are produced is vastly different than the process by which organic cotton and wool are produced.

Organic farmers understand that they are the custodians of the land – not its owners. They work consciously and lovingly to produce the fibres and that dedication becomes part of the fibre. The organic manufacturing processes further add to the energetic quality of the eventual fabric and finished products.

Over a number of years we have found that if dedication is missing at any stage; any link in the chain – then the product will be compromised, as will our ability to market the product.

It’s all about energy and the level of consciousness that goes into producing the goods.

So we get a little mad when the producers of latex and bamboo start throwing the word “organic” around. Latex and bamboo are not fibres and can never be certified organic by Global Organic Textile Standard.

Perhaps the rubber tree or the bamboo plant were grown organically and perhaps certain standards were upheld in the production of the end products - but Nature is missing and the end products, while they might be functional, are not life-enhancing.