How will my goods be packaged?

Our policy is to use environmentally sustainable materials wherever possible. That means preferring cellophane over plastic; recycled boxes over new ones, etc. However our primary objective is to get your goods to you in perfect condition and that may sometimes require compromises.

How will my goods be sent?

We use Australia Post for all our shipping unless otherwise specified by you. Orders are generally posted within 1-2 working days. Our Mattresses are sent by TNT.

We do ship to countries outside of Australia.

We ship your order by Australia Post, normally within 24 hours, for a flat rate of just $10.

Australia Post delivery conditions: All orders over $150 are sent by registered mail and will need to be signed for.  If no one is present at the time of delivery, your parcel will be taken back to your nearest Post Office for collection. Please check with your Post Office first if you have not received your order within the expected time frame.

Please Note: Mattress and bed base freight is included in the product price when you select your delivery location on the product page.

How do I pay?

We accept Visa, MasterCard, Amex and PayPal through our website. 

Is this website secure?

Yes, we use SSL (Secure Socket Layer) encryption technology, which ensures that none of the information on your order can be read while it is in transit. 

Do you send products worldwide?

Yes we do.

What is your Returns Policy?

Please see our Terms & Conditions.

What is your Privacy Policy?

Please see our Privacy Policy.

Are your products certified organic?

The goal of Blessed Earth is to have all of it's products fully certified organic. This means that not only the raw materials, but all processes involved in the manufacture and distribution of the product have been inspected so that there is no possibility of contamination, however subtle, from any source. While this is not currently achievable on all the products we sell, for a variety of reasons, it is something we aspire towards.

What Dyes do you use?

All our cotton products are certified organic, which means that any dyes used are also certified organic.

On a number of occasions we have trialled vegetal dyes however the simple fact is they are not colourfast and we finish up with dissatisfied customers. We do use vegetal dyes on our carpets as they are rarely if ever washed.

The guidelines around organic dyes are strict and the dyes themselves are expensive, however if you are in any doubt about your sensitivity to them, we recommend natural. We offer a natural option wherever practicable.

Are your products fair trade?

Yes, we only offer products which have been made in a fair manner, which means that the workers are paid decent wages and have safe, hygienic working conditions. This is a pre-requisite for organic certification.

My password will not work!

You may find if you have not ordered for some time that when you go to log into your account your password will not work. If the 'Lost Password' prompt does not send you a reply with a new password please call us on (07) 5429 6811 and we will issue you a new password over the phone and assist you with your purchase.

Do you wholesale your products?

Yes we do. Please send a request for an application form to

After reviewing the information you provide, we'll send you an email either confirming your acceptance, or explaining why we can't accept your application. One possible reason for refusal is if we already have an account in your area.

The range of products that Blessed earth can wholesale is now vast and rapidly growing, especially in clothing. We welcome your application. 

Customer complaint disclaimer

In the course of doing business these past 10 years we've made lots of friends; thousands of them, actually. A big part of our business is resolving differences in a way that makes us even better friends.

Every now and then someone tries to get away with something. We know from experience they are not telling the truth and their voice and behaviour usually give them away. When they don’t get what they want, these people typically become aggressive and threaten to drag our name through the internet mud.

We refuse to give them what they want to make them go away and we never search out places where people complain- there’s too much to do.

If ever you see publicity that concerns you, please bring it to our attention so that you can hear the truth, which will not otherwise be told.

From the team at Blessed Earth.