Blessed Earth is an Australian owned business established in 2004. Over the next few years, the business rapidly expanded to make clothing; bed-linen and then mattresses and bedding. The world’s first certified organic carpets were then added in 2013.

The goal has always been to provide more healthy products for people, to help them be well. The purity of the products we offer; as natural as possible, helps our customers to connect with their own true nature.

A big part of the ethic of Blessed Earth is to keep the products affordable, which we can do as the manufacturers of all the textile products.

In order to be effective, our purpose needed to express in the 3 main areas of human living: Food, Clothing Shelter.

Consequently over the past 7 years we’ve also developed an organic café and recently the revolutionary Healthy Homewares centre. We’d like to tell you a little about each of our operations.

Blessed Earth


We’ve long held that Australia will be at the forefront when humanity remembers it’s true nature and with the addition of certified organic carpets, Blessed Earth now boasts the finest range of organic textiles on the planet. Our product range, in a nutshell includes:

Wool mattresses and bedding. We were privileged to be able to produce the world’s first fully certified organic (Demeter) range of wool mattresses and bedding. This took many months of paperwork and hoop-jumping. After 10 years of refinement, our wool mattress is now an icon of the Australian bedding industry and our toppers, quilts and pillows are the finest money can buy, made in Australia from organic fleece and covered in organic cotton

Cotton Bed-linen. The Blessed Earth range of GOTS certified sheet sets, quilt cover sets, protectors, towels, blankets, curtains and mosquito nets is probably the finest and most comprehensive in the world.

Clothing. For some years we’ve been designing and manufacturing a clothing range that is simple, functional and timeless. The range is for baby; children; women and men and includes socks, bras and beautiful organic silk garments. Every garment is GOTS certified.

Carpets. In 2013, we joined forces with Organic Weave of India, who had initiated the world’s first GOTS certified organic carpets.

In the past few years we have developed a highly creative relationship with Organic Weave and have pioneered the world’s first organic…

  • Broadloom carpet (all hand-woven)
  • Jute underlay
  • Silk carpet
  • Chenille carpet
  • Hand bags

We also sponsored a program to give full employment to the Unnayan Women’s Co-operative of weavers

Healthy Lifestyle products. Blessed Earth also offers products that are not generally available and which benefit the lifestyles of our customers.

Maleny Marketplace

At the top end of Maleny was a disused service station/mechanical workshop. The place was an absolute disgrace, overrun with cats and a dumping ground for old mattresses and engine parts. At the rear of the rickety old building was a swampy acre of land. We were fortunate to secure some historic pictures of the property in happier days.

In such a prominent position in town, it greatly affected the ability of the town to grow and fulfil it’s amazing potential, so we decided to take it on and convert it into a café/meeting place and place where locals could exhibit their crafts.


This required a massive clean-up and seemingly endless gerniing of the timber floors, which were thick with grease.

At the same time we undertook the unenviable task of clearing the swampy grounds then contouring them into growing areas to support the café.


After 7 years of evolution, the café is now an integral part of the town, providing a valuable space where people can get away from the bustle and enjoy wholesome food, much of it grown chemical-free on the property.


When the motorbike shop next door next door became available in 2013, we converted it into a vertical garden showroom, which subsequently became the home for the Maleny Florist. It is now a place where we hold workshops for people to share various skills, some of which might otherwise be lost.

Healthy Homewares

For some time we had been looking for a large shop to showcase our growing carpet range. After several failed attempts we had reached the conclusion there was absolutely nowhere in the area big enough and suitable. Then someone pointed out an abandoned building across from the Marketplace. It was horded up and had been vacant since built some 8 years earlier. Apparently the builder was shonky and had conned potential investors.

A developer had just bought the property and was planning to convert it into a medical centre with multiple tenancies. We arranged an inspection and were amazed at the size of the property, approximately 900 sq. metres on 2 levels, with an elevator to both floors and a massive carpark for 60 cars.

Perfect! It was for us a huge undertaking starting from scratch, fitting out the store with homewares retail and café on the upper floor and a garden centre housing the Maleny Florist on the lower floor.

Below is a pictures of the homewares floor nearing completion…

And the lower floor garden fish pond…

The Homewares site allowed us to complete several parts of our purpose. We see it as a vital point of reference displaying healthy and sustainable products for the people – in stark contrast to the prevailing retail scenario of cheap imports.

Thank you for joining with us to make a difference and establish templates for how we see our world can and will function in the future.