Eco Max Dust Brush

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Our ECOMAX Dust Brush will one day become dust itself, made from plants, coconut fibre and rubber wood, this plastic free brush is designed to biodegrade at the end of its long life.

Coconut fibres are great for sweeping; the tough, long fibres will not flick dirt or ball on the ends the way plastic bristles can and are suitable for use around fireplaces as the bristles will not melt.

Plastic free. Biodegradable. Vegan. Fair Trade. Zero Waste.

Key features:

  • Plastic free – means zero microplastic pollution
  • Ethically Handmade – supporting women producers in Sri Lanka
  • Vegan Certified – no hidden animal products
  • 100% Natural – carbon neutral and sustainable
  • Long-lasting – coconut fibre keeps its shape and strength
  • FSC certified rubber wood – a biproduct from rubber production
  • Biodegradable – Compost to breakdown naturally

Care of brush:

Ideally hang to store to keep bristles flat. When the bristles become dirty or bent, simply give them a quick bath in some warm, soapy water to clean, revive and refluff your brush and leave laying flat to dry. The unsealed wood is not bothered by a little bit of water however leaving constantly wet will shorten its productive life.

End of life:

Once your dust brush has reached the end of its life, throw it in the compost bin to breakdown naturally the fibres will be eaten by micro-organisms, the timber handle will decompose over time.

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