'Denim' Mattress Protector with Zip in Natural

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Size: Cot/Boori
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The Blessed Earth Denim range is made from a 385 thread count, tightly woven fabric with a pore size smaller than the body size of the household dust mite.

With a 260gsm, this range offers our heaviest weighted fabric. It has a lustrous finish that is smooth against the skin, making suitable as both a dust mite barrier, a fitted sheet, quilt cover and or pillowcase.

Although dust mites are believed to be somewhat repelled by the lanolin in pure fleece wool, it is reassuring to know that the covering fabric also serves as a deterrent.

Certified by Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS), your guarantee of purity.

Cot 77 X 132cm x 20cm

Single 93 X 193cm X 35cm

King-Single 107 X 203cm X 35cm

Double 140 X 193cm X 39cm

Queen 153 X 203cm X 39cm

King 183 X 203cm X 39cm

Super King 203 x 203 x 39cm

The denim mattress protector with zip is amazing. My husband is restless when he sleeps and has "shredded" several mattress protectors. They also tend to come loose and bunch up under him. He says this one is the most comfortable he's ever had and that he's sleeping a lot better now. I actually bought it because it's ethically made, but it's a win all round 👍 PR

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